Pete Ashton

Pete Ashton is a person who lives in Birmingham in the Midlands of the UK. 07775 690 106 @peteashton


Pete is an Emerging Artist, and that's a fact! Art is blogged at Art Pete. Research is recorded on the Serious Research Tumblr

Photo School

Pete runs Photo School, an evolving approach to teaching photography and the art of looking at the city.

Birmingham Camera Obscura

A joint 5 year project with Jenny Duffin to build Camera Obscura around Birmingham.


Pete maintains a blog called I Am Pete Ashton which fluctuates dramatically in its regularity. If it's not Art it goes here.


People hire Pete to do all manner of things, from workshops on how to use the Internet to taking nice photographs of stuff. Some examples of this employment, and the prices thereof, can be found at the punningly named ASH-10 website.

Other places one might find Pete Ashton on the Internet:

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